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This was in large part due to Ozzy’s Hercules like performance in the challenges.

At a nine-person merge, Raro still had a one person lead over the Aitu four.

Heading into the final four there was two very dominating factors in the game: the strategic game of Yul and the challenge dominance of Ozzy.

At the final four immunity challenge, Jeff Probst announced a new twist to the season – there would be a final three instead of a final two.

) On the one hand, she's one of the more odious people to ever appear on this show (twice). Parvati's move to take out Ozzy (who was at Lex levels of bitterness at the final Tribal Council) was the defining one of the season, and though I hated to watch a lot of it, she and Cirie (who also would and should have beaten Amanda) orchestrated a series of agressive blindsides.

This move gave the Aitu four the numbers advantage, allowing them to “Pagong” the Raro members one by one: Nate, Candice, Jonathan, Parvati, and Adam.On day 19, players were given the opportunity to mutiny and join the opposing tribe.Candice and Penner jumped ship and joined the Raro tribe, putting Aitu at an eight to four disadvantage.They had a strong alliance between the four of them, benefited from Ozzy and Yul’s athletic ability, and Yul was in possession of the hidden immunity idol at a time where you could play it after the vote read.

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Winning the next string of tribal challenges, Aitu sent Raro to tribal back to back, bringing their lead from 8-4 down to 5-4.Off the top of my head, I'd put Cook Islands, Palau, Pearl Islands, Australia and the Amazon ahead of this one.